The Growing Threat Of Terrorism In Australia

By Dr David Wright-Neville The recent release of the respected 2016 Global Terrorism Index carries some worrying implications for Western nations such as Australia. Of particular concern is the increasingly migratory nature of the kind of fury that inspires terrorism in other parts of the world. The report drives home the point that in the 21st century, anger does not need a passport. It travels quickly and efficiently … [Read more...]

Notice something suspicious or unusual? Call the national security hotline.

Following the disruption of one of Australia s most substantial terror plots a little over one month ago, and with Australia Day celebrations occurring across Australia tomorrow, Australian’s are reminded to report suspicious and unusual behaviour to the National Security Hotline. This vital counter-terrorism tool has recently reached a major milestone with calls to the Hotline reaching 250,000. Information provided … [Read more...]

Countering New-Style Terrorism: Leveraging On Rehabilitation, Local And International Cooperation

Terrorist attacks such as September 2011 in the United States (9/11) and the attacks in Spain (11th March 2004) and Britain (7th July 2005) have marked the dawn of global terrorism (Martin, 2004). In this new era, terrorism is increasingly seen in a different dimension than traditionalists’ objectives, as it knows no bounds and no boundaries (Netanyāhû,1981). New-style terrorism is attributed to the effects of … [Read more...]

Terrorism Is The New Norm

The security manager can no longer believe that terrorism is an extreme and unlikely event. It is now part of the normal operating environment and every organisation should recognise that armed assailant/active shooter, bombings and hostage takings are to be expected. There is no excuse for the defence “we did not think it could happen to us”. Terrorism is actually a definition of motive; the underlying purpose being … [Read more...]

Issue #84 Cover Story: Preventing Home Grown Terrorism: Lessons learned from the Boston Bombings

Anne Speckhard, Ph.D. In April of 2013 Americans suffered another al Qaeda related terrorist attack—two nearly simultaneous bombings at the Boston Marathon that resulted in the killing of three and injury of hundreds more.  It wasn’t the worst al Qaeda related terrorist attack on U.S. soil - 9-11 has that distinction.  Nor was it among the first.  There have been many—including a previous attack on the World Trade … [Read more...]