Security should be the antidote to fear

An elderly couple posed this question to me yesterday: “What do you think? Should we be letting Muslims into the country?” This is an otherwise good, you could say warmhearted, couple, who have worked all their life, raised families, built successful businesses, contributed to society and donated generously to charities; in other words, model citizens, the sort of people you would hope to grow to be yourself and for … [Read more...]

Security at a Turning Point — Innovation, Leadership and Diversity

Early Bird Registration ~ Book Now To Save $220 Off Full Registration Fee! Vital national security summit shaping up to face the future Safeguarding Australia 2017, the 14th national security summit will cover a variety of topics around the themes of innovation, leadership and diversity by connecting experts, exploring advances in research, analysis, and methods being applied to solve challenges in security, from … [Read more...]