The Time To Build Relationships Is Before A Disaster

By Rod Cowan A disproportionate interest in terrorism is resulting in the Government and policy makers failing in the fundamentals of national security, which must entail an all-hazards approach to security and risk mitigation. Having spent more than 14 years building relationships through the Trusted Information Sharing Network (TISN) and the Security in Government (SIG) annual conference, policy wonks scrapped the … [Read more...]

Security should be the antidote to fear

An elderly couple posed this question to me yesterday: “What do you think? Should we be letting Muslims into the country?” This is an otherwise good, you could say warmhearted, couple, who have worked all their life, raised families, built successful businesses, contributed to society and donated generously to charities; in other words, model citizens, the sort of people you would hope to grow to be yourself and for … [Read more...]

Why Information Sharing Is Vital To Your Future

Lack of recognition for the vital role security plays results in too many security managers and agency security advisors – and to those readers who do not fit this profile, I apologise in advance, but it is nonetheless true of many others – being in the position because they are either parked there or waiting out their time to retirement. Precious few in the business would see themselves as leaders within their … [Read more...]

Airport Screening Offers No Assurance

If you are one of the 60 million passengers a year shuffling through security at Australian domestic airports, divesting yourself of belts and laptops and wondering if all these security measures have any point, you are not alone. Not even the Office of Transport Security (OTS) – the department responsible for the implementation and ongoing regulation of security controls at airports – can tell you, according to the … [Read more...]

The Future Is Fighting Fakes

By Rod Cowan. Security professionals need to look urgently at the effects of illicit trade and the relevance not only to their organisation’s health and wealth, but that of society, argues Rod Cowan. A tourist in Indonesia buys cheap DVDs for her friends back home. An Australian street market stall holder sells a mother the latest branded football jersey for her teenage son. A former IRA member meets a buyer in a … [Read more...]