Intelligent Public Safety – Brains Over Brawn

By Richard Kay The operational environment can be a dangerous place, with interpersonal conflict and violence being very real potential risks to officers as well as the public. Officers require practical solutions to resolve situations and confrontations, and that requires the ability to act from the basis of a planned approach involving strategic thinking. To teach officers how to act, it is important to teach them how … [Read more...]

Post-Trauma Stress: Officer Well-being Post Confrontation (Part 2)

Part one of this two-part article introduced readers to the diagnostic criteria of post-traumatic stress disorder (PSTD) and the range of emotional reactions officers may experience after a traumatic event. As discussed, while officers may have little control over when confrontations occur, they do have control over how they respond to these events before, during and after. This article concludes the discussion by … [Read more...]

Post-Trauma Stress: Officer Well-being Post Confrontation (Part 1)

Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is often referred to as a self-inflicted malady, and this is true to some extent. But it is inflicted out of ignorance. Once individuals have knowledge of what can occur under stress and how to ‘release it’ through breathing and debriefing, they are no longer ignorant. Part one of this two-part article discusses the emotional reactions officers may experience after experiencing or … [Read more...]

Courtroom Survival: Operational Safety After The Fact

The purpose of operational safety training is to prepare officers for that aspect of their job that has the potential to put them in harm’s way, and includes knowledge for officers to make correct decisions within lawful and procedural parameters, physical skills for officer safety and subject control, and strategies to manage the stressful aftermath of confrontations. One aspect that is often not addressed properly is … [Read more...]

Conflict And Cameras: Facing The Reality Of Social Media

  Technology can benefit public safety operations in many ways. With advances in technology increasing at a staggering rate, there are many options available for public safety agencies to increase operational efficiency. However, point-of-view (POV) technology is now prevalent in people’s daily lives and, in the age of smartphones and CCTV, security personnel need to understand that they are always under scrutiny. … [Read more...]

Command Presence: How It Affects Officer Survival

By Richard Kay. Officers have numerous options available for controlling a situation and ensuring public, and personal, safety. These options are used in response to the resistance displayed by the subject, and are required under law to be ‘not disproportionate’ to the objective the officer is trying to achieve. The first response option is officer presence, which is the ‘presence of a uniformed authority’. This … [Read more...]