PathMinder Launch the new C5 Security Portal

PathMinder have recently launched their new C5 Security Portal in Australia. The unique C5 Security Portal combines a high security anti tailgating man trap with a 1200mm emergency egress door. Following an authorised user through a door is known as ‘tailgating’ and is very easy to do. We have all been told that it is good manners to hold doors open for other people. However, good manners equals poor security practice. … [Read more...]

How to stop tailgating on an existing access controlled door

PathMinder recently launched their new HPJ range of anti-tailgating doors which are designed to stop all forms of unauthorised entry attempts through existing access controlled doorways. The HPJ is a half portal designed to ‘cap’ any existing door that needs to increase its security level to stop any tailgating or unauthorised entry attempts through the entry point. The HPJ features a 900mm opening for DDA compliance and … [Read more...]

EZI Security Systems adds High Security Portals to its range

PathMinder has appointed EZI Security Systems as its exclusive partner reselling its range of high security portals to the government sector in Australia. PathMinder Pty Ltd are the master distributor in Australia and New Zealand for Europe’s most advanced range of high security portals manufactured by AllUser Industries. AllUser security portals are made up of 2 interlocking doors and a sophisticated ultra-sonic … [Read more...]