Retail Loss Prevention On A Budget: The Power Of Staff Networking

  For small to medium and possibly even a large retail business, is it possible to operate a wide-ranging loss prevention program which consistently delivers company best results, under a very limited loss prevention budget? The answer is a resounding yes! To set about achieving the above, it is first necessary to look at the setting up stage and what the retail business should consider in order to get off to … [Read more...]

ISIS’s Revenues include Sales of Oil to the al-Assad Regime

For months now disaffected Syrian, ISIS defectors we have been interviewing in our ISIS Defectors Interview Project have been telling us that one of the many reasons that they became disenchanted with ISIS was that their leaders were directly negotiating and selling oil to their enemy, Bashar al-Assad—oil that was then used in barrel bombs that rained back down on the Sunnis uprising against the Assad regime.[1] This week … [Read more...]

2016 Australian Security Medal Nominations Closing Soon!

The Australian Security Medals Foundation nominations will be closing on June 17. The Australian Security Medals Foundation (ASMF) would like to encourage you to start sending in your nominations as they do not want your company to miss out. This year, the ASMF have made nominating easier by creating online nomination forms. You now have the option to either nominate someone online or, as has been the case in previous … [Read more...]

Failing to Act on the Risk of Terrorism

Risks associated with a terrorist incident are well-reported within Australia and abroad.  The Australian government raised its terror alert level in 2014 from medium to high. In 2015 a new National Terrorism Threat Advisory System was launched that replaced the previous four step approach to a scale of five levels. The scale provides public advice about the likelihood of a terrorist act occurring in Australia. This … [Read more...]

Are Wage Penalty Rates Still Relevant For The Security Industry?

As the 2016 federal election campaign gathers momentum, several key policy differences between warring parties have risen to the surface. Education, jobs growth, health, housing affordability and taxation reform top the list of most discussed political issues; however, wage penalty rates for nights and weekends is also emerging as a second tier topic driven by the Unions and the Greens who are threating to make it a … [Read more...]

Civil security and civil defence in the spotlight

The not-for-profit organisation behind the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition has added a new string to its bow. Its latest venture is CIVSEC, will be a major showcase of expertise, ideas and technology in the fields of civil security and civil defence. The event will be a congress of conferences, seminars and workshops that will address the complex and increasingly important … [Read more...]

Former German Soldiers Now Fighting for ISIS

by Ahmet S. Yayla, Ph.D. & Anne Speckhard, Ph.D. A report written by the German Military Counterintelligence Service (MAD) indicated that twenty-nine former German soldiers left their countries to fight for rebel groups, including ISIS, in Syria or Iraq, as reported by local German news .[i] It also claimed that sixty-five German soldiers are now under investigation for having Islamist sympathies. Since 2007, … [Read more...]

Check Out This Great New Body Worn Camera From Transcend Transcend, a worldwide leader in storage and multimedia products, recently launched what is sure to be the first of many innovative new products aimed at the security market, the DrivePro Body 10 body camera. We take a look at his feature rich and affordable body-worn camera, available from … [Read more...]

Secure your entry, as your event, the Security Exhibition & Conference returns to Melbourne in July

Registrations are now open to attend the 2016 Security Exhibition & Conference, Australasia’s premier security industry event, which is returning to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from July 20 to July 22, following another outstanding event in 2015.  The Security Exhibition & Conference connects a community of leaders and showcases the most innovative solutions to hit the Australian market … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tips For Building The Most Ineffective Security Risk Management Systems In The World

By Julian Talbot. After more than 25 years working in security risk management on four continents, I believe I can safely say that I know every trick in the book – except the one they are using right now! Years of working in interesting parts of the world, such as Asia, Africa and parts of Australia that most people never see, has given me some insights into the minds of the people who seek to breach our security … [Read more...]

Security Challenges Of Running Mining Operations In Developing Nations

By Julian Talbot. Developing nations offer their own special challenges to the security professional, including: issuing weapons to security teams who left school with perhaps four years of education assigning life and death tasks to people for whom English is a third or fourth language operating in a culture that may or may not share some of your most basic values dealing professionally, pragmatically and … [Read more...]

Integrity Measures: What Works, And What Doesn’t

By Mark Jarratt. Integrity is a term often cited as a quality indispensable for those with power to approve or deny benefits and access to valuable assets including cash, equipment and information. But how is integrity assessed, and what approaches maximise workforce integrity? This article briefly presents the vital elements of integrity assessment, commenting on measures which are effective and other approaches … [Read more...]

Compliance Techniques: Hands-on Resistance Control

By Richard Kay. The most important elements of an officer’s operational safety toolkit are strong command presence, a positive mindset, excellent communication skills and well-developed operational awareness. The combination of these four attributes means an officer can resolve most situations safely and with minimal force. However, to be truly effective and confident in the operational environment, officers must have … [Read more...]

Issue #91 Cover Story: How Cloud Services Are Impacting Physical Security

By Brian Tuskan. Who would have believed, even a short time ago, that cloud technology would change everything for Physical Security. The enhanced services that security can now deliver to improve safety and save lives, is akin to seeing just beyond the headlights; and steering away from danger, just ahead of time. Before I jump into the cloud discussion, I will provide a little context around my experience with … [Read more...]

Raising The Bar To Secure The Airport Journey

By John Kendall. The desire to fly safely means that air travellers generally support airport security measures, such as providing personal information or undergoing security checks that they might be less willing to undergo on other occasions. However, as the nature of air travel changes – with greater use of self-service processing, the emergence of international transfer hubs and stricter industry security … [Read more...]

CCTV Data Storage Headache

By Lamie Saif. The amount of data generated by the new models of CCTV­ cameras is huge and so its storage requires some planning. So, how can this best be done? Before we choose the best hardware and software for optimum CCTV data storage, we need to take into account the following parameters:­ Camera resolution. Number of frames per second. Level of compression. Number of cameras. Storage period. Level … [Read more...]