Vale Steve Jackson, OAM, MAICD

  It is with much sadness that we announce the passing of Steve Jackson. As many in the industry know, Steve has been a senior leader, mentor and driving force within the security industry for almost two decades. In addition to his most recent role, in which he served as the Chief Security Officer for the Qantas Group for over 13 years, Steve enjoyed a long and illustrious career spanning the Royal Navy in the … [Read more...]

HID Global acquires Arjo Systems to expand its Government ID business with physical and digital identity solutions

  SYDNEY, July 12, 2017 – HID Global, a worldwide leader in trusted identity solutions, today announced that it has acquired Arjo Systems SAS, a provider of physical and digital identity solutions for secure government ID applications.  Arjo Systems gives HID Global broader capabilities to deploy electronic identification (eID) and ePassport solutions for government programs. “Our acquisition of Arjo Systems … [Read more...]

Into The Wild Blue Yonder

By Garry Barnes Is drone technology right for your business? Factors every organisation should consider before flying into the great unknown. Australian public and private organisations across a myriad of sectors are currently investigating and embracing the technological and competitive benefits of using remotely piloted aircraft called unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), or drones. Goldman Sachs (Drones: Reporting for … [Read more...]

When Risk Becomes Reality

By Michael Dever Before considering what will/could/should/may happen after a major incident, definitional issues need to be considered. How is a ‘security-related atrocity’ or a ‘major event’ defined? In this context, what is being looked at is high-consequence, low-probability and low-frequency attacks causing a major incident and the appropriate reasoned and logical response to the incident in the post-event … [Read more...]

Salto at The Security Show 2016

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ISIS Defectors: Inside Stories of the Terrorist Caliphate

ICSVE is proud to announce their new book! The authors hadn’t intended to put themselves in danger but that’s what happened as they interviewed an unprecedented thirty-two battle-hardened defectors about the gritty details of life inside ISIS. With unparalleled breadth, depth and access, ISIS Defectors: Inside Stories of the Terrorist Caliphate offers a compelling view of ISIS from men, women and teens now in hiding, … [Read more...]

CR Kennedy Introduces Video Management Centre VMC-2 with touch screen

With the VMC-2 Dallmeier offers a new Video Management Centre with touch screen for the convenient and intuitive control of video systems. The Video Management Centre VMC-2 stands out due to its ergonomic and intelligent design. It is made up of a touch screen, a joystick and a jog-shuttle. The individual components are modular and flexible, i.e. they are freely positionable and thus ideally suited for both left- and … [Read more...]

Help Recognize Australia’s Unsung Heroes

  Would you attempt to stop a man who had just set fire to both a petrol station and a liquor store while also attempting to burn the store attendant? Would you run towards a burning car in an effort to stop the LPG gas tank from exploding to save a complete stranger? Would you use your own body to shield someone you have never met from an enraged group of men, receiving serious injuries in the … [Read more...]

Salto XS4 Mini We check out the XS4 Mini from Salto, the latest addition to Salto's range of easy to use, easy to install and easy manage access control range.     … [Read more...]

Why Social Media Is A Security Issue

By Rod Cowan. With change accepted as an every day part of life – and with Web 2.0 accelerating pace of change – ambiguity in all spheres of business, government and society is reaching unprecedented levels. Technology writer Jason Feifer, writing in a US business magazine Fast Company (November 2014), bemoans the fact that at a policy retreat with Congressional and Obama staffers on the Internet of Things, “virtually … [Read more...]

Why Should Supply Chains Like Facebook?

By Dr John Hopkins. If somebody mentions the word “Facebook” to you it is highly unlikely that the first expression that comes to mind is “powerful supply chain tool”– but amongst the plethora of pictures of friends’ babies, cat videos and Candy Crush updates, there may well lie a powerful platform that can help you to better understand your customers and increase the awareness of your brand. If used properly of … [Read more...]

Issue #90 Cover Story: A Brave New World – How Might Wearable Technology Impact On Security

By Bruce Baer Arnold. The very low-key commercial launch last month of GoogleGlass is a reminder that we are entering the ‘Age of Wearables’. New personal technologies such as GoogleGlass and FitBit offer both threats and opportunities for security specialists. Most of those challenges will not be fixed by law or technology: they need a human solution. This article offers a perspective on the emerging world of … [Read more...]

Managing the flow of information in an Aviation Crisis

By Steve Lawson. As a business, we have been asked a few times to speculate about the loss of Flight MH370 but we made the decision to steer clear of making comments since, given the lack of any reliable data, any speculation would be irresponsible and could do real harm to families and reputations. Much of the criticism of the Malaysian government and Malaysian Airlines in regard to MH370 is of poor media … [Read more...]

Industry News: Dedicated Micros Appoints Ness Corporation as New Australian Distribution Partner

CCTV specialist Dedicated Micros, part of AD Holdings Limited, announces the appointment of Ness Corporation as a key distribution partner for its industry leading products across Australia. The agreement will allow Ness Corporation, from April 2014, to offer its customers a full range of DM distribution products including Digital Video Recorders (DVRs) such as the new SD Range, SD Excel, the Eco and for latest in IP, … [Read more...]

Anarchists for Brisbane’s G20

By Clive Williams. The Sydney-based anarchist group Black Rose Syndicat has vowed to cause “chaos and mayhem” at the G20 summit in Brisbane in November 2014, while the Australian cell or “affinity group” of the international online anarchist group Anonymous has announced it will sabotage the G20 through its “Operation Mayhem”. Black Rose claims it “is an Anonymous Syndicat whose aim is the propagation of … [Read more...]

Information Destruction

By Steve Mark. In February this year I was asked to deliver a speech at the 2013 National Association for Information Destruction Australia and New Zealand Conference (NAID-ANZ) in Sydney. I was specifically asked to address the responsibilities of organisations to protect information in accordance with new privacy legislation that was being enacted Australia-wide and the implications of failing to protect such … [Read more...]