Protecting The Security Industry Workforce

It is common place for employers and principal contractors to drive down employment costs by illegitimately disguising workers as independent contractors, particularly in sub-contracting out the works required. The security industry is vulnerable to ‘turning a blind eye’ to the compliance with the Fair Work in competing for security work. At this year’s Security Exhibition and Conference (26-28 July), Greg … [Read more...]

10 Leadership Principles For Security Operations

The following are 10 hands-on, field leadership principles that I have personally found to be very useful for private sector security operations. Not only have I successfully applied these leadership principles myself, I have also taught them to other field leaders and watched how they too have had success with them. Though these principles come from over 15 years of my own leadership experience, I am not setting myself … [Read more...]


The modern retail loss prevention/risk management function can be described as a multifaceted role that, to achieve sustained success, requires a multifaceted approach. Fundamentally, it is a hugely influential and important role that has the potential to deliver significant savings to the company’s bottom line if performed to its full capacity. In recent times, the role of loss prevention has shifted dramatically, moving … [Read more...]

Workplace Safety And Contract Security Providers

According to figures released by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, over 700,000 Australian employees suffer some sort of work-related injury or illness each year. Some work is inherently more hazardous than others, including the various roles performed by operational security staff across high-risk sectors and within public-facing environments. It is not uncommon for security services to be provided to government … [Read more...]

IP-Enabled Equipment Continues To Grow In The South-East Asia Region

During the course of recent IHS research on the access control market, the Asia-Pacific region was the fastest growing area globally. The region is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.3 percent, reaching $1.6 billion revenue in 2020. One particular trend that started to develop last year was the adoption of panels and other Internet Protocol (IP) based equipment. The use of IP-enabled equipment … [Read more...]


The Panama Papers have caused major reverberations around the world; in governments and businesses. There has been massive media and public interest in the content of this huge tranche of commercial documents. The disclosure of the off shore tax details of over 214 000 shelf companies has some quite extraordinary implications - including in Australia. The fall out has spurred politicians and tax agencies around the … [Read more...]

Alarm Online

Physical security systems have benefited from the technology revolution. Control modules are network-aware, or at least they connect to a PC. Some are PCs. They interact with a website account, or they contain a website. They provide remote access. They get system updates. The great thing about this is that users can interact with the system and configure and review it without needing all those special tools used in … [Read more...]

Conflict And Cameras: Facing The Reality Of Social Media

Technology can benefit public safety operations in many ways. With advances in technology increasing at a staggering rate, there are many options available for public safety agencies to increase operational efficiency. However, point-of-view (POV) technology is now prevalent in people’s daily lives and, in the age of smartphones and CCTV, security personnel need to understand that they are always under scrutiny. This … [Read more...]

Security And Safety

A few years ago, I was invited to talk about security and crowd safety to the board of directors at a major oil company headquarters in Aberdeen, Scotland. Since this was my home town, I did not think I would have any security problems when checking into the building. However, at reception, I had to produce two photographic ID references (passport and drivers licence), was checked with a wand (metal detector scan), … [Read more...]

Why Do Companies Still Make The Same Mistakes?

For decades, crisis management has been institutionalised and taught at universities. Corporations and businesses have procedures in place. So why are some still making the same mistakes when facing a crisis? Recent crisis examples show the fragility of what has been taught. Are organisations forgetting these lessons when faced with the pressures of crises? Is the stress so great that primary reactions prevail? Do … [Read more...]

The Time For Micro-Segmentation Is Now

Corporate security strategies are failing, so leaders must re-tool to face the latest cyber threats. It could be said that 2015 was the year cybercrime became mainstream. Companies from all over the world, including the likes of Kmart, David Jones, Aussie Farmers Direct and Queensland TAFE locally, as well as JP Morgan Chase and Ashley Madison globally, all came under scrutiny as their breaches became mainstream … [Read more...]

Harmonisation Of The Security Industry – Is It A National Disaster?

At a recent security industry meeting, the question was raised, yet again, why more had not been done to standardise (harmonise) regulation and training of the private security industry across all Australian states and territories, especially by industry peak bodies and associations. Harmonisation of job skills and regulation has been an industry topic since regulatory changes commenced in the early 1990s; however, … [Read more...]

When Risk Management Fails!

  Periodically, security professionals are expected, by standards of good governance, to conduct a physical security risk review at a facility or a whole portfolio of facilities. These might be offices, an airport, power station, water supply dam, a hospital, railway network, sports stadium or a shopping centre. No matter what type of facility, the process of conducting a risk assessment should be quite well … [Read more...]

Behavioural Economics As A Tool For Enterprise Security

    Has anyone ever wondered why on their electricity bill there is a representation of their household’s usage against the average two-, three- or four-person household telling them whether they are over or under? How does it make people feel? The term behavioural economics has been around for maybe two decades. The marketing profession has been using the techniques it describes for even longer to … [Read more...]

ISIS Defectors: Inside Stories of the Terrorist Caliphate

ICSVE is proud to announce their new book! The authors hadn’t intended to put themselves in danger but that’s what happened as they interviewed an unprecedented thirty-two battle-hardened defectors about the gritty details of life inside ISIS. With unparalleled breadth, depth and access, ISIS Defectors: Inside Stories of the Terrorist Caliphate offers a compelling view of ISIS from men, women and teens now in hiding, … [Read more...]

Help Recognize Australia’s Unsung Heroes

  Would you attempt to stop a man who had just set fire to both a petrol station and a liquor store while also attempting to burn the store attendant? Would you run towards a burning car in an effort to stop the LPG gas tank from exploding to save a complete stranger? Would you use your own body to shield someone you have never met from an enraged group of men, receiving serious injuries in the … [Read more...]