Leading From Below

By Jason Brown In the world of security, hierarchies are common and leadership tends to be associated with position or rank, but this need not always be the case. If you have the desire, competence and willingness to communicate your ideas you can lead from below (LfB). I would argue that in any well-run organisation, those who demonstrate a capacity to lead from below usually end up with a formal leadership … [Read more...]

Optimizing overall business performance

By David Paspa. The earth is flat. Well, it used to be. If you lived in early Mesopotamia, you would have had no doubt. That invalid assumption slowly started to change as early as the 5th or 6th centuries BCE. Even then, you still assumed earth was the centre of the universe. That turned out to be an invalid assumption as well. It is interesting how the gaining of knowledge changes our view of the world and how we … [Read more...]