Crisis or disaster? IT has helped blur the language

By Dr Tony Jaques It’s time business stopped misusing the word disaster, and the IT industry needs to take a good share of the blame. This language is genuinely unhelpful and distracts attention from serious matters of real concern. Consider by contrast the United Nations definition of a disaster as: “A serious disruption of the functioning of a society, causing widespread human, material or environmental losses and … [Read more...]

SWIFT Admits Their International Bank Transfer System was Hacked

According to reports emerging today, SWIFT "is aware of a number of recent cyber incidents" involving the hacking of their SWIFT software, and have urged 11,000 financial institutions to update their software with a new security update they released on Monday. SWIFT has been the focus of intense scrutiny since the theft of US$81m from the Bangladesh Central Bank's account at the New York Federal Reserve in February … [Read more...]

NBN Copper Disconnection Pain: Potential Gain For Security Companies

By Tom Sykes. Armidale and Kiama Downs in NSW. South Morang and Brunswick in Victoria. Deloraine and Kingston Beach in Tasmania. They have got more in common than simply being Australian towns and suburbs. With the NBN fibre rollout in these suburbs complete, copper lines were scheduled to be disconnected at the end of May, affecting phone and ADSL internet services. As the NBN continues to be rolled out and more … [Read more...]


Hills Limited has launched a new training program to give security companies the training and support they need to fully prepare for the transition to the National Broadband Network (NBN). More than one million back to base monitored alarms installed in Australia will be gradually migrated to a range of new technologies as the NBN is rolled out. The Hills NBN Ready Program will provide alarm installers and central … [Read more...]

Information Destruction

By Steve Mark. In February this year I was asked to deliver a speech at the 2013 National Association for Information Destruction Australia and New Zealand Conference (NAID-ANZ) in Sydney. I was specifically asked to address the responsibilities of organisations to protect information in accordance with new privacy legislation that was being enacted Australia-wide and the implications of failing to protect such … [Read more...]

Desperately Seeking Cyber: Why an urgent national focus on education and 457 Visas is critical to protect Australia

By Carlo Minassian and Professor Michael Blumenstein. Between us, we have significant responsibilities that span defending Australian organisations and infrastructure from cyber attack, to ensuring that Australian students have access to a world-class IT education. We serve on the frontlines of an increasingly challenging cyber conflict that is unlike any conflict in human history. In this conflict, threats are … [Read more...]

The Relationship Between Physical Security And Information Security

By Matthew Arnold. In some risk management situations, the link between physical security and information security is often overlooked and not appreciated. This disconnect is often a two-way street where information security managers neglect the dangers and vulnerabilities posed by physical security lapses; while physical security managers avoid the seemingly complex and intimidating practice of securing information. … [Read more...]

Cloud Security Perspectives

By Kim Khor. Cloud security is such a wide topic it really isn’t just one. Organisations using cloud services do so for specific reasons and those various reasons require various solutions, including security. Conceptually, there are three basic areas of cloud services: Storage: Basic examples are online backups and photo-sharing. More complex examples include content delivery networks that have fast, local copies … [Read more...]

The Future Of Alarm Response In An Increasingly Technological World

By John Bigelow. The future is an amazing place full of wonder, mystery, possibilities and intrigue. However, it is also full of change. One only need look at what has taken place in the security industry over the past decade to see to what degree things can change in a very short period of time. As recently as 1995, the internet was a relatively new phenomenon and not unlike an ethical politician, in that many people … [Read more...]

CCTV – Where Is It All Going?

By Les Simmonds. To many in the security industry, the specification, design and installation of a CCTV system is seen as being very complicated. But, is it really, or is it perceived to be complicated because of the lack of CCTV-educated and/or trained personnel in the security industry? Furthermore, what really constitutes training? In an earlier article, I discussed CCTV system planning and design and CCTV lenses, … [Read more...]