Responding To A Data Breach

It is coming up to the weekend and everyone is starting to relax; the beer and champagne are coming out and everyone is now talking about their weekend plans. I see some senior leaders gathering and going in and out of meeting rooms. Uh oh, something is definitely going on. I hope it is not because my time sheet was late. The senior leaders are starting to look more worried and appear a bit lost. I have now been told … [Read more...]

Standalone Security Systems Versus Integrated Systems

There are a number of reasons why clients opt for an integrated security solution, usually to increase the overall level of security, or make it easier to manage. Reducing threats and risks is the whole purpose of security, but has integration increased vulnerabilities? Options for clients include separate standalone or disparate security systems, integrated security systems and/or a dedicated platform such as a … [Read more...]

The Growth of IP-Enabled Access Control in Asia Pacific

The adoption of panels and other IP-based equipment in the Asia Pacific market has ramped up significantly in 2015, and growth is expected to accelerate from 2016 through 2020. In fact revenue from IP-enabled panels will grow at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.8 percent from 2015 to 2020. The total market for access-control panels is expected to reach $499.3 million in 2020, and IP-enabled panels will make up … [Read more...]

SecuSafe Launches New DigiGuard 3MP IP Turret Network POE Camera

SecuSafe Pty Ltd, an Australian importer and distributor of electronic security products located in Sydney, introduces their new 3MP IP Turret Network POE Camera for SME surveillance industry. The attractive DigiGuard Matrix IR Turret Network Surveillance IP Camera, is fitted with a 2.8mm security lens available in grey and white colour, this can achieve an impressive wide angle view of 98° at 2MP (1920 x 1080) and 3MP … [Read more...]

Redefining Wireless Security

Despite advances in IP camera and security management system technologies, , founder and CEO of P2 Wireless Technologies, realised that the backend of most surveillance network designs is still heavily reliant on cable. P2 focuses on the creation of innovative, reliable and large-scale wireless mesh networking technologies for industrial and commercial use. Based in the prestigious Hong Kong Science Park, P2 has … [Read more...]

Civil security and civil defence in the spotlight

The not-for-profit organisation behind the Australian International Airshow and Aerospace & Defence Exposition has added a new string to its bow. Its latest venture is CIVSEC, will be a major showcase of expertise, ideas and technology in the fields of civil security and civil defence. The event will be a congress of conferences, seminars and workshops that will address the complex and increasingly important … [Read more...]

SWIFT Admits Their International Bank Transfer System was Hacked

According to reports emerging today, SWIFT "is aware of a number of recent cyber incidents" involving the hacking of their SWIFT software, and have urged 11,000 financial institutions to update their software with a new security update they released on Monday. SWIFT has been the focus of intense scrutiny since the theft of US$81m from the Bangladesh Central Bank's account at the New York Federal Reserve in February … [Read more...]

Secure your entry, as your event, the Security Exhibition & Conference returns to Melbourne in July

Registrations are now open to attend the 2016 Security Exhibition & Conference, Australasia’s premier security industry event, which is returning to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from July 20 to July 22, following another outstanding event in 2015.  The Security Exhibition & Conference connects a community of leaders and showcases the most innovative solutions to hit the Australian market … [Read more...]

Total Facilities seminar program informs for a brighter future for Australia’s built and work environment.

Total Facilities, Australia’s largest industry exhibition for facilities and workplace professionals, is excited to announce its free education program that will run concurrently over the event’s two days. Held at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from Wednesday April 6 to Thursday April 7, the Seminar Theatre will host an impressive line-up of industry speakers discussing forefront trends, disruptive … [Read more...]

Cognitec Introduces Video Camera with Integrated Face Detection and Tracking to Complement Real-Time Face Recognition Technology

Product launch at ISC West in Las Vegas and Counter Terror Expo in London  Dresden, March 19, 2015­—Cognitec now offers a highly specialized IP video camera with built-in face detection and tracking technology as a component of its FaceVACS-VideoScan product. The FaceVACS-VideoScan C5 camera provides optimal image quality for real-time face recognition, even under challenging conditions, while requiring low computing … [Read more...]

Connected Technology In The Workplace: Risks Vs Rewards

By Garry Barnes. “With great risk comes great reward,” is an oft-used adage, originally spoken by Thomas Jefferson. While offered more than a century before computers were even invented, it rings true in our ever-connected world. The new frontier is the ‘Internet of Things’ and involves more than just connected devices – it comprises the vast integrated systems that the billions of internet-enabled devices make up. … [Read more...]

Why Social Media Is A Security Issue

By Rod Cowan. With change accepted as an every day part of life – and with Web 2.0 accelerating pace of change – ambiguity in all spheres of business, government and society is reaching unprecedented levels. Technology writer Jason Feifer, writing in a US business magazine Fast Company (November 2014), bemoans the fact that at a policy retreat with Congressional and Obama staffers on the Internet of Things, “virtually … [Read more...]

Raising The Bar To Secure The Airport Journey

By John Kendall. The desire to fly safely means that air travellers generally support airport security measures, such as providing personal information or undergoing security checks that they might be less willing to undergo on other occasions. However, as the nature of air travel changes – with greater use of self-service processing, the emergence of international transfer hubs and stricter industry security … [Read more...]

Through The Looking Glass: Future-Proofing Your Security Investment

By Michael Brookes. The time has come to upgrade that outdated security system you have been operating for what seems like an eternity. You have done your homework and built your business case, and you have finally been granted approval to proceed. As your mind fast-forwards with visions of an intuitive security-centric design, multi-camera views, synchronised and instant playback, and motion searching for improved … [Read more...]

CCTV Data Storage Headache

By Lamie Saif. The amount of data generated by the new models of CCTV­ cameras is huge and so its storage requires some planning. So, how can this best be done? Before we choose the best hardware and software for optimum CCTV data storage, we need to take into account the following parameters:­ Camera resolution. Number of frames per second. Level of compression. Number of cameras. Storage period. Level … [Read more...]

Why Should Supply Chains Like Facebook?

By Dr John Hopkins. If somebody mentions the word “Facebook” to you it is highly unlikely that the first expression that comes to mind is “powerful supply chain tool”– but amongst the plethora of pictures of friends’ babies, cat videos and Candy Crush updates, there may well lie a powerful platform that can help you to better understand your customers and increase the awareness of your brand. If used properly of … [Read more...]