Enhancing the security at Southgate Shopping Centre with Hikvision

SouthGate Shopping Centre is an outdoor destination/retail park area located in central Bath. Opened in 2009 it boasts 96 shops, restaurants and large underground carparks. As an extensive space, it is essential that the CCTV equipment is up to date and effective to reassure staff and shoppers of their safety. Peter Parkinson, SouthGate’s deputy general manager says: “Hikvision fulfills our CCTV needs completely. With … [Read more...]

CCTV – Where Is It All Going?

By Les Simmonds. To many in the security industry, the specification, design and installation of a CCTV system is seen as being very complicated. But, is it really, or is it perceived to be complicated because of the lack of CCTV-educated and/or trained personnel in the security industry? Furthermore, what really constitutes training? In an earlier article, I discussed CCTV system planning and design and CCTV lenses, … [Read more...]