Top 10 Cyber Security Information Sources

There can be no doubt that cybersecurity is one of the hottest topics in the security world right now. In fact, it is one of the hottest topics around – period. However, for the average physical security practitioner, staying informed about cybersecurity trends, practices and technologies can be challenging to say the least; especially in a world where information overload, a lack of time and an expectation that people … [Read more...]

Will the internet break in 2017?

The size and impact of Internet attacks in the past few months highlights concerns about the Internet’s resilience and the ability of networks in general to handle the evolving threat landscape. Some pundits have suggested the entire Internet is likely to go down in 2017, so it’s essential for businesses to do their part to better secure the Internet and keep it available, according to Aleron. Mark Wroniak, director, … [Read more...]