The Refinement Of Smart Homes: Opportunities For Installers And Locksmiths In 2017

It is a well-established fact in the marketing and business worlds that it costs as much as five times as much to attract new customers than it does to retain an existing customer. However, in service-based industries such as locksmiths or domestic alarm installation where a customer has a very specific need that, once fulfilled, is unlikely to generate much in the way of repeat business, the question becomes, how do you … [Read more...]

Wondering How to Reduce the Complexity of Smart Home Platforms? IHS Markit Weighs In With Answers

  One significant challenge with the smart home: it has many moving parts. From protocols and interoperability to professional and DIY, the smart home is far from straightforward. Platforms that are the backbone of smart home, are meant to bring order but often only add to the chaos. The reason – fragmentation. Although there are dozens of platforms, most are very similar, which only adds to the confusion of … [Read more...]

Smart Home Systems Penetration to Reach 7% Globally by 2025, Says IHS Markit

The research firm suggests service providers will have to offer flexible billing models in order to preserve growth in the smart home market. The global household penetration of smart home systems will reach 3% by 2018 and 7% by 2025, according to a research note by IHS Markit. In 2023, professionally monitored smart homes will exceed non-connected, traditionally monitored security systems, according to the research … [Read more...]

Is the Video Doorbell Paving the Way for Greater Adoption of Video Verification in Home Alarm Systems?

By Anna Sliwon, analyst, residential security, IHS Markit As the popularity of video doorbells increases, owners are likely to become more comfortable with video cameras in their homes. For many homeowners, a video doorbell is their first experience with an IP camera. Installing it, setting up the app and then later using it to view something remotely all help to build consumers’ familiarity with network video cameras. … [Read more...]

Digital Video Software Revenue to Exceed $9 billion by 2021, IHS Markit Says

Global digital video software market revenue to rise from $6 billion in 2015 to more than $9 billion by 2021 LONDON (7 December 2016) – The video software market is expected to exceed $9 billion in revenue by 2021, according to new insights released today by IHS Markit (Nasdaq: INFO), a world leader in critical information, analytics and solutions. The atomization of media distribution and the switch from … [Read more...]