Disaster Response And Recovery From A Human Resource Perspective

One of the most important responsibilities of human resources (HR) is to prepare for a disaster, including streamlining safety initiatives, communicating with employees and headlining crisis management efforts. Beyond this, organisations also have a duty to protect their workers’ safety while on the job. Work Health Safety legislation places onus on businesses to provide an environment free from hazards that can cause … [Read more...]

How To Manage An Experienced Manager

The key to managing an experienced manager in your operation is to monitor their results. If they are getting the results that you expect of them, stay out of their way. If they are not getting the results, you had better take over – at least until you sort out what is stopping production. When you hire a manager to look after a section of your business, it is a waste of time for you to continue doing the job you hired … [Read more...]

Conducting Workplace Investigations

Welcome to 2017. The festive season is always busy for the security and law enforcements industries in Australia and around the world. I hope that you all had a great Christmas and new year, and your company and family prosper throughout 2017. We are in a period of increased social and political conservatism, which is heralding great change for us all, and no more so than for the security industry. With that change … [Read more...]

Career Planning for Your Best People

Career planning is an important activity at any level but for your top people it is vital. They need to be challenged continually, otherwise you will lose them. When a top performer starts a new job, the challenge is high. They have a lot to learn and they are far from their peak production levels. As they scale the mountain of their new activity, they master the major peaks and finally reach a performance plateau. And … [Read more...]

How To Properly Validate Good Performance And Correct Poor Performance

You have heard of leverage, right? Well, when you properly validate or correct the performance of your employees, you will increase your production leverage enormously. In other words, a small amount of correctly applied validation or correction can produce amazingly large results. And your operation will be far more productive when you get this right. Correcting Poor Performance Some people have more horsepower … [Read more...]

The Qualities of a Great HR Manager

Whether or not your business has a dedicated HR Manager, there are three activities that are of vital importance and will determine success in this role. These are hiring the right people, managing staff performance and appraisals and ensuring that terminations are handled properly. These are the key activities where the quality of the HR Manager must shine. Hiring The Right People The main difficulty with hiring … [Read more...]

What Do Your Staff Really Think?

By Omer Soker. Are you sure you have got the culture that you want? How can you tell if you are getting full engagement, reluctant compliance or mere lip service from your staff? Do you know what is really being said around the water cooler? Even the best of us overestimate the openness of the cultures we create, underestimate the challenges for employees to be forthright within them, or underrate how quickly cultural … [Read more...]