Employee Theft Consequences: Risk vs. Gain Theory

Herman Laskey, Jr., LPQ, CFI from losspreventionmedia.com When associates properly understand employee theft consequences, they may not ever take the risk of being dishonest in the first place. I have found that discussing with associates the risks of theft and comparing them with the potential gains greatly reduces their potential to steal from their employers. Most associates do not consider the punishments and … [Read more...]

Employee Theft: Why It Occurs And What To Do About It.

By Murry Taylor. One of the most common things I hear from managers after an employee has been dismissed for theft or fraud is “I can’t believe they did that. I would never have picked them to be like that.” Therein lies the problem: staff members who steal from you or your company don’t wear a shirt saying ‘thief’, they don’t turn up in a balaclava and they don’t come up to you and say “by the way just thought you … [Read more...]