What Is A Risk Assessment Context?

By Dr Kevin J. Foster Security professionals are often required to conduct risk assessments. Sometimes the security risk assessor might focus on vulnerabilities that he or she notices in his or her employer’s facility or operations. For example, if the risk assessor has an electronics background, he might make quite a few suggestions about how to improve access control systems, intrusion alarms and CCTV. Of course, it … [Read more...]

Crime Statistics And Risk Management

When I started my research in the late 1980s, I quickly came to the view that risk management is a simple idea that is implemented easily in most routine circumstances. However, there are some situations when there are many complicating factors that can result in poor decisions and risk management failure. The authors of standards like AS/NZS 4360, ISO 31000 and ANSI/ASIS/RIMS RA.1-2015 cannot provide a standard risk … [Read more...]