Red Teams Too Close to See

by Don Williams Is it possible to be too close to something? To be so familiar with the situation that the view has become ordinary? I once asked the then security manager of Sydney Opera House, as we stepped out onto the forecourt with the sun sparkling off the wakes of the ferries, the Bridge towering off to one side and the Botanic Gardens lush on the other, if they ever forgot where they worked. The answer was “yes, … [Read more...]

Pro Bono U2

By Don Williams Pro Bono does not mean being a fan of the group U2. Rather, it is pro bono publico – for the public good – basically Latin for you are not getting paid. Why would people do unpaid work? There are a number of reasons – the main one being that without volunteers little would actually happen, particularly in the security field. All of the security industry and professional associations are run by … [Read more...]

ASRC Masterclass- Bomb Safety and Security

Join security experts from Westpac, Sydney Airport Corporation Ltd, and Riskworks among others, to examine the principles underpinning a safe and sensible response to bombs, threats, unattended items and post-blast scenarios. Presented by security and bomb management expert, Don Williams (MIExpE, IABTI, CPP, RSecP) the emphasis in this class will be on how to provide a safe and secure environment while minimizing … [Read more...]

Explosives: Not My Problem

Most security managers believe they have no responsibility for explosives, other than a nagging concern about IEDs. This is not the case. Explosives pervade our society: we are reliant on them for our wealth through the mining, rural and construction sectors; we enjoy large and small fireworks shows, pyrotechnic stage effects as well as special effects in Australian-made movies; many of our major transport and … [Read more...]

Interview With Don Williams CPP RSecP. A Recipient Of The Australian Security Medal In 2013.

Don, you have been awarded an Australian Security Foundation Medal, what does this mean to you? It sounds trite, but it is true that the most rewarding and most humbling praise is that awarded by your peers. They are the ones best placed to judge, so to receive their recognition is a great honour. Your peers can also be the biggest and best critics; they understand what you are trying to achieve, what you do and can … [Read more...]