Bomb Safety and Security: The Manager’s Guide

by Donald S Williams Like so many aspects of security, bomb safety and security has become a topic of significant concern to every organisation in the last decade. Any business, regardless of how large or small it might be, how innocuous it might appear, could and possibly will be subject to some type of bomb related incident through the course of its operating life. Whether it be through disgruntled employees, or as a … [Read more...]

Bomb Threats – Why You Should Not Always Evacuate

By Don Williams. No one knows how many bomb threats are received every month in Australia. It is known that not every threat results in an evacuation, nor does the discovery of an unidentified item always cause the shutdown of the site. Unlike a fire, some incidents do not have an obvious hazard and an equally obvious response. So, on what basis does a manager decide whether to evacuate or not? The use of a defined, … [Read more...]