The Value Of ‘What If’ Tests

My father was involved in mechanical engineering all his life and he used to say that a good boss would often ignore one of his people staring into the distance because many times that person was considering the ‘what ifs’ of a design. It may have been that it was my dad’s excuse for just wool gathering. So, what has that to do with aviation security? Well, I have always been a fan of conducting something similar that … [Read more...]

Travel Security – Tips For Staying Safe

By Steve Lawson I can say that in almost 30 years of travel, I have never had an issue, and I have travelled to a few places that could be described as less than desirable. I have lost one bag, when I was on my way to New York to handle Qantas’ on-ground response to September 11 and I did not have a ticket for one sector. I have had one bag broken and that was by New Zealand Customs, who decided they needed to get into … [Read more...]

My Memories Of September 11

This article has little to do with aviation security other than September 11 was an aviation security event and I was sent to New York to manage Qantas’ on-ground response. My experience was minor in the scope of the events and restricted to Qantas operations, but it was a defining time. This article is dedicated to Qantas JFK Airport Manager Joe Ward and the JFK Qantas staff on duty on September 11, 2001. They were all … [Read more...]

Turn On Your Mobile Phone, Sir

By Clive Williams The new airline passenger screening requirements coming out of the US seem to be an over-reaction to intelligence that al-Qaeda and like-minded groups are focussed on perfecting an explosive device that could be hidden in shoes, electronics or cosmetics. The information is, at least in part, credible, but the way in which screeners have been expected to respond is lacking in common sense and simply … [Read more...]

So, How Does It All Work?

By John 'Hondo' Gratton. “When I get on that aircraft, am I REALLY secure? In this, the final article of this series, I am going to assume that dutiful readers have faithfully followed the earlier articles. You will therefore be aware that aviation security is conducted as a globally-coordinated effort controlled by a treaty, the Chicago Convention, which, together with agreed responsibilities at national level in the … [Read more...]

Hey, I just want to get on the flight!

By John (Hondo) Gratton. So far, we have covered the global aviation security system including the role of the United Nations’ specialist agency, ICAO (the International Civil Aviation Organisation) and the relationship between ICAO and the 190-member States of the Organisation.  We know that Australia, as a signatory State to the Chicago Convention, has both privileges and responsibilities; and that one of those … [Read more...]