My Memories Of September 11

This article has little to do with aviation security other than September 11 was an aviation security event and I was sent to New York to manage Qantas’ on-ground response. My experience was minor in the scope of the events and restricted to Qantas operations, but it was a defining time. This article is dedicated to Qantas JFK Airport Manager Joe Ward and the JFK Qantas staff on duty on September 11, 2001. They were all … [Read more...]

Managing the flow of information in an Aviation Crisis

By Steve Lawson. As a business, we have been asked a few times to speculate about the loss of Flight MH370 but we made the decision to steer clear of making comments since, given the lack of any reliable data, any speculation would be irresponsible and could do real harm to families and reputations. Much of the criticism of the Malaysian government and Malaysian Airlines in regard to MH370 is of poor media … [Read more...]