2016 Ruddock Fellow

Lewis (pictured left) and Libby (pictured right) at Emirates Group Security in Dubai Zoe Cowan, ASMF Outreach Manager, recently had the opportunity to travel to Dubai and chat with two Edith Cowan University students about their internships with Emirates Group Security. Libby, studying a Bachelors of Counter-terrorism, Intelligence and Security, said: “For me, my time working within the teams of Emirates Group … [Read more...]

Nominations For The 2017 Australian Security Medals Are Now Open!

As you are all no doubt aware, The Australian Security Medals Foundation Inc. (ASMF) has grown to become a credible force in change for the good not just in the security industry, but across the community as a whole. In order to continue the good work being done, the Foundation requires your support. We need you help to identify the outstanding men and women in our industry who are worthy of recognition. As many of … [Read more...]

Industry Recognises Bravery And Commitment

In just six years, the Australian Security Medals Foundation Inc. (ASMF) has grown from an idea around a dinner table to an industry institution recognising bravery and contribution to security. With this year’s medals being presented during a sold-out black-tie charity dinner at the War Memorial In Canberra, ASMF Chairman, Paul Maihi, said: “Not only is it a huge honour to recognise individuals for their bravery and … [Read more...]

Security 2014: Key highlights of Security Exhibition and Conference 2014

The Security Exhibition and Conference 2014 is fast approaching with this year’s event to feature the latest security innovations entering the Asia-Pacific market and headlining speakers from Australia and the United States.   The expo is on at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre from June 4-6 and is free to all industry professionals by registering at www.securityexpo.com.au   Security … [Read more...]

Championing Mental Health In Security

By Rod Cowan. Common mental health problems, such as depression and anxiety, can affect any business, leading to the likes of increased absenteeism, high staff turnover and lost productivity. In the security industry, the stakes can be even higher. “Security staff are often the first responders in emergency situations which may be distressing and if the distress is not addressed, it may put people at risk of … [Read more...]

The Future Is Fighting Fakes

By Rod Cowan. Security professionals need to look urgently at the effects of illicit trade and the relevance not only to their organisation’s health and wealth, but that of society, argues Rod Cowan. A tourist in Indonesia buys cheap DVDs for her friends back home. An Australian street market stall holder sells a mother the latest branded football jersey for her teenage son. A former IRA member meets a buyer in a … [Read more...]

Interview With Don Williams CPP RSecP. A Recipient Of The Australian Security Medal In 2013.

Don, you have been awarded an Australian Security Foundation Medal, what does this mean to you? It sounds trite, but it is true that the most rewarding and most humbling praise is that awarded by your peers. They are the ones best placed to judge, so to receive their recognition is a great honour. Your peers can also be the biggest and best critics; they understand what you are trying to achieve, what you do and can … [Read more...]


Everyday, someone in the security industry makes a difference to someone’s life. These special people who step into harm’s way to protect life, property and people from all manner of horrific attacks and assaults all too often go un-noticed. They spend hours, weeks and even years of their life working for the sake and safety of others. They don’t do it for the money; they don’t do it for the fame or recognition – they do … [Read more...]

Australian Security Medals: Recognising Excellence In Security

By John Bigelow. The 25th of February 2012 saw close to 300 professionals from across the security industry come together to celebrate excellence in security at the second annual, ASMF dinner and awards ceremony. Now in its second year, the ASMF continues to highlight outstanding performance through the Australian Security Medal of Valour (ASMV), recognising acts of bravery and initiative, and the Australian Security … [Read more...]