Raising The Bar To Secure The Airport Journey

By John Kendall. The desire to fly safely means that air travellers generally support airport security measures, such as providing personal information or undergoing security checks that they might be less willing to undergo on other occasions. However, as the nature of air travel changes – with greater use of self-service processing, the emergence of international transfer hubs and stricter industry security … [Read more...]

Are We Using Body Scanners Correctly?

By Steve Lawson. Body scanners are becoming more common at airports and, interestingly in Australia, there has been little recent public discussion about them or their use. Originally this article was to examine their efficiency but a recent experience makes me wonder if they are being used effectively. It is a pity that it does not matter how good technology is, its efficiency will always depend on … [Read more...]

Does Aviation Security Actually Work? “So why do I have to get naked to fly?”

By John (Hondo) Gratton. Previously, we identified that the individual nation, or Chicago Convention, contracting state is responsible for enacting regulations that will be binding on the aviation industry entities that are based in that state and the travelling public. We also discussed the requirement for states to standardise, as far as possible, their application of the Standards and Recommended Practices (SARPs) … [Read more...]