Building Risk Culture Is Easier Than Making Hot Dogs

Yes, building risk culture is that easy! Before I explain, let me first clear some misconceptions about risk culture that have been floating around in the non-financial companies. Making decisions under uncertainty is not natural for humans Back in the 1970s, scientists had a breakthrough in understanding how the human brain works, what influences people’s decisions, how cognitive biases impact on their perception … [Read more...]

Growing number of Australians accessing Dark Web

By Natalie O’Brien More Australians than ever are secretly accessing the notorious Dark Web as cyber experts warn the explosion in use of the anonymous internet platform could have serious ramifications for crime. Data collected by The Tor Project shows a spike in users in the past two months using “bridges” an intermediary internet access point which goes one step further in hiding internet browsing activity by … [Read more...]


Every day there are thousands of credit card transactions that occur around the world. But have you ever wondered how the transactional process works for transferring credit card funds? I have. I have always been fascinated about the mechanics of how our credit cards transact and talk to each other. So, off I went in search of further understanding of the geometrics of the payment card industry (PCI) and understanding the … [Read more...]

Through The Looking Glass: Future-Proofing Your Security Investment

The time has come to upgrade that outdated security system you have been operating for what seems like an eternity. You have done your homework and built your business case, and you have finally been granted approval to proceed. As your mind fast-forwards with visions of an intuitive security-centric design, multi-camera views, synchronised and instant playback, and motion searching for improved forensic analysis, you … [Read more...]

Alarm Online

Physical security systems have benefited from the technology revolution. Control modules are network-aware, or at least they connect to a PC. Some are PCs. They interact with a website account, or they contain a website. They provide remote access. They get system updates. The great thing about this is that users can interact with the system and configure and review it without needing all those special tools used in … [Read more...]

Security Professionals: The Board Is Not The Problem – We Are

More and more, security professionals are grumbling about boards not understanding security issues. Is this really the issue, or is the problem that security professionals do not understand the role of the board? Do security professionals sometimes confuse the board and the company’s senior management? Role of the Board According to the Institute of Directors (IoD), the board’s key purpose “is to ensure the company’s … [Read more...]

Secure your entry, as your event, the Security Exhibition & Conference returns to Melbourne in July

Registrations are now open to attend the 2016 Security Exhibition & Conference, Australasia’s premier security industry event, which is returning to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from July 20 to July 22, following another outstanding event in 2015.  The Security Exhibition & Conference connects a community of leaders and showcases the most innovative solutions to hit the Australian market … [Read more...]

Getting Insurance Right

By Kylie Howlett. Insurance, much like security, is often seen as a grudge purchase, something that you need to pay for but never really want to pay for. However, smart business people know that insurance is much more that a simple compliance cost, it is an essential part of running successful business. In fact, when you get it right, the correct insurance cover can not only save you vast sums of money, it be can … [Read more...]

Show preview: Total Facilities returns to Sydney

2,500 facilities management professionals are expected to converge on Glebe Island’s Sydney Exhibition Centre over the next two days for the annual Total Facilities event. Taking place from Wednesday March 25 (today) to Thursday March 26, Total Facilities represents the most comprehensive industry event for facilities management professionals featuring 150 leading brands showcasing more than 65 product … [Read more...]

The Deep Web: Big Data As A Risk Management Tool

By Rick Draper Managing security-related risks requires information. To manage those risks effectively requires the right information; available at the right time; presented in a meaningful format. How do you get it? Open source intelligence, or OSINT, has long been used in risk management by governments and big business around the world; well before the internet was even conceived. However, the World Wide Web has … [Read more...]

Connected Technology In The Workplace: Risks Vs Rewards

By Garry Barnes. “With great risk comes great reward,” is an oft-used adage, originally spoken by Thomas Jefferson. While offered more than a century before computers were even invented, it rings true in our ever-connected world. The new frontier is the ‘Internet of Things’ and involves more than just connected devices – it comprises the vast integrated systems that the billions of internet-enabled devices make up. … [Read more...]

Will Technology Eliminate Human Security?

By Courtney Sparkman. Over the past decade or so, we have begun to see more technologies that remove the need for human involvement from what have traditionally been human activities. Earlier this year, The Economist wrote an article titled The Future Of Jobs: The Onrushing Wave. The article focussed on the role that technological innovation plays in eliminating jobs and on its effect on long-term employment. Reading the … [Read more...]

Security For Non-Technical IT Managers In 2015

By Daniel Aldam. In today’s corporate climate, it is commonplace for an IT manager not to have high levels of professional IT experience. While the manager may be great at management, it makes it difficult to provide technical direction for staff, not to mention bridging the communication gap between the purely technical, and normal people. In this article we will investigate what it is to be secure in IT, and what steps … [Read more...]

Criminal versus Control

By Ray Esposito. Employee Theft in Retail In a market where brand recognition, market share, and high competition have most businesses working overtime to reduce cost, there is little room for the losses caused by internal theft. Industry reports suggest that as much as 43 per cent of all losses are caused by dishonest employees, totaling $16 billion annually in revenue loss.   Obviously with so much at … [Read more...]

20 Things To Consider When Writing A Security Guard Proposal

By Courtney Sparkman. When you are asked to submit a proposal for providing security guard service it can be both an exciting and anxious time. Your proposal can get you excluded from consideration, invited for a formal presentation, or even win you a contract. Any time that you submit a security guard proposal you can typically expect stiff competition. Fortunately, a well-written proposal can help set you apart from … [Read more...]

Security Challenges Of Running Mining Operations In Developing Nations

By Julian Talbot. Developing nations offer their own special challenges to the security professional, including: issuing weapons to security teams who left school with perhaps four years of education assigning life and death tasks to people for whom English is a third or fourth language operating in a culture that may or may not share some of your most basic values dealing professionally, pragmatically and … [Read more...]