VIDEO Review: Kaba Drop Box

If, like so many other organisations, you are sick of spending thousands of dollars each year in reissuing lost visitor badges, while also trying to manage the security threat presented by missing visitor access cards, then the new ‘drop box’ from Kaba could be the ideal solution. Made from stainless steel tube so it looks like a simple internal bollard, the drop box is designed as a collection point for visitor badges as staff and guests are leaving your building. The system works in conjunction with Kaba’s other access control products so that it will not only collect badges, but will also strip the access rights from access cards. For example, when a guest leaves the building, he or she simply places the card into the slit at the top of the drop box. The card then has the access rights removed and is collected in the base of the box where it is stored for later reuse. However, in the case of staff, a staff member places his or her access card in the drop box upon leaving the building for the evening. The card has the access rights removed for the evening before being returned via a small try in the body of the unit. The card is now useless until the next day when the staff member returns to work and presents his or her card to the entrance reader, which then reactivates the access rights on the card for the day. When used in conjunction with some kind of access barrier like a turnstile or gate, the Kaba drop box is a great addition to any access and visitor management system.


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