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Latest issue of Security Solutions Magazine out now! Security Solutions Magazine is a leading security resource for business, government and the security industry. Through Security Solutions, readers enjoy access to information from leading experts on issues such as terrorism, operational security matters, technological developments, risk management and IT security as well as the latest news on security events. As a … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tips For Building The Most Ineffective Security Risk Management Systems In The World


By Julian Talbot. After more than 25 years working in security risk management on four continents, I believe I can safely say that I know every trick in the book – except the one they are using right now! Years of working in interesting parts of the world, such as Asia, Africa and parts of Australia that most people never see, has given me some insights into the minds of the people who seek to breach our security … [Read more...]

Online Tools To Help You Be A More Effective Security Manager


By Kevin Dam. More and more, security managers and departments are being asked to do more with less. To that end, astute security managers and security company owners are always ready and waiting to take advantage of any tools or technology that will boost their performance or productivity. Globalisation, outsourcing and automation are three popular resources SMEs have engaged to help cut costs in recent times but … [Read more...]

DAHUA – emerging Chinese powerhouse announces Seadan Security & Electronics as exclusive brand distributor of its products in Australia.

dahua world

Emerging security Chinese powerhouse Dahua Technology expands its global network by forming a partnership with Seadan Security & Electronics to distribute its branded products. Dahua is an advanced video surveillance solution provider manufacturing leading edge CCTV software and hardware. The partnership and exclusive distribution agreement allows Seadan to actively promote Dahua’s superior and integrated video … [Read more...]

Intuitive Operational Safety: Natural Principles For Effective Strategies


By Richard Kay. A human being is a complete system and for this reason operational safety training should be a complete system as well. Many systems assume that the person in training is healthy. In fact, this is almost never the case. The physiological parameters, such as heart rate, blood pressure, lung capacity, posture, mobility and strength of the joints and muscles, and condition of the nervous system, are rarely … [Read more...]

A New Approach To Environmental Crime Prevention: The SAFE Design Standard®


By Dr. Kelly W. Sundberg. Ever since medieval times, when moats and stonewalls were constructed to protect castles, architects and engineers have applied environmental design techniques as a means to protect property. Centuries later, social scientists and design scholars began to study how the purposeful planning, design, construction and landscaping of a built environment can promote stewardship among the users of a … [Read more...]



The Australian community has witnessed today a hostage situation take place in Martin Place, Sydney. Events are unfolding rapidly and a full account of what is occurring will take some time to emerge. What is clear is that this event is drawing on the wide range and skills of Australia’s national security and law enforcement authorities, which are among the best-trained and capable in the world. They are working … [Read more...]

Six Guard Company Innovations That Rock


By Courtney Sparkman. An executive from the Kellogg’s Company once told me that “If you aren’t innovating, you’re dying”. That comment started me thinking about how security guard companies use innovation to sell their services. Like that Kellogg’s executive, I think that innovation is critical for any company looking to achieve healthy growth. In the past, many organisations did not consider innovation to be a top … [Read more...]

A Robot Took My Job!


By Craig Harwood. Let’s be honest here, technology is evolving so fast that by the time you have finished reading this magazine, Apple has probably bought out its next ‘more advanced’ product and the speed of computing probably would have doubled. As unpredictable as the future always is, one thing is certain, technology is advancing quickly, very quickly. So what is the likelihood of our industry being totally … [Read more...]

Intel Licenses Cognitec’s Face Recognition Technology for Device Access


Cognitec Systems has signed an important software development and license agreement with Intel Corporation. Under the agreement, the companies will cooperate to apply face recognition to access control on electronic devices. Logon to PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and other computing devices will become both more convenient and secure as the technology replaces conventional passwords. “Intel is driving exciting … [Read more...]

Countering Media Jihad


By Rod Cowan. Terrorists have been fast and effective in taking up social media and law enforcement is lagging, finds Rod Cowan. A young man sits in his suburban bedroom – maybe in Sydney, or Birmingham, or Cleveland – crouched over his laptop watching a brutal beheading recorded on video by the jihadist Islamic State. Will his response be fear, as intended by the producers? Revulsion, as with Twitter user … [Read more...]

New Seagate NAS HDD Delivers Enterprise-Class Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses


Enterprise NAS HDD offers Added Peace of Mind with Five Year Warranty and Data Recovery Services Seagate Technology (NASDAQ: STX) today announced its new Enterprise NAS HDD – a high capacity drive targeting businesses seeking to optimise their computing for performance and reliability using Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems. With enterprise reliability and NAS optimised performance in up to 16-bays, the Enterprise … [Read more...]

Security Challenges Of Running Mining Operations In Developing Nations


By Julian Talbot. Developing nations offer their own special challenges to the security professional, including: issuing weapons to security teams who left school with perhaps four years of education assigning life and death tasks to people for whom English is a third or fourth language operating in a culture that may or may not share some of your most basic values dealing professionally, pragmatically and … [Read more...]

ACSP and SPRA set to merge

Security professionals Registry Australiasia

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