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The Australian community has witnessed today a hostage situation take place in Martin Place, Sydney. Events are unfolding rapidly and a full account of what is occurring will take some time to emerge. What is clear is that this event is drawing on the wide range and skills of Australia’s national security and law enforcement authorities, which are among the best-trained and capable in the world. They are working … [Read more...]

Six Guard Company Innovations That Rock


By Courtney Sparkman. An executive from the Kellogg’s Company once told me that “If you aren’t innovating, you’re dying”. That comment started me thinking about how security guard companies use innovation to sell their services. Like that Kellogg’s executive, I think that innovation is critical for any company looking to achieve healthy growth. In the past, many organisations did not consider innovation to be a top … [Read more...]

A Robot Took My Job!


By Craig Harwood. Let’s be honest here, technology is evolving so fast that by the time you have finished reading this magazine, Apple has probably bought out its next ‘more advanced’ product and the speed of computing probably would have doubled. As unpredictable as the future always is, one thing is certain, technology is advancing quickly, very quickly. So what is the likelihood of our industry being totally … [Read more...]

Intel Licenses Cognitec’s Face Recognition Technology for Device Access


Cognitec Systems has signed an important software development and license agreement with Intel Corporation. Under the agreement, the companies will cooperate to apply face recognition to access control on electronic devices. Logon to PCs, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, and other computing devices will become both more convenient and secure as the technology replaces conventional passwords. “Intel is driving exciting … [Read more...]

Countering Media Jihad


By Rod Cowan. Terrorists have been fast and effective in taking up social media and law enforcement is lagging, finds Rod Cowan. A young man sits in his suburban bedroom – maybe in Sydney, or Birmingham, or Cleveland – crouched over his laptop watching a brutal beheading recorded on video by the jihadist Islamic State. Will his response be fear, as intended by the producers? Revulsion, as with Twitter user … [Read more...]

New Seagate NAS HDD Delivers Enterprise-Class Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses


Enterprise NAS HDD offers Added Peace of Mind with Five Year Warranty and Data Recovery Services Seagate Technology (NASDAQ: STX) today announced its new Enterprise NAS HDD – a high capacity drive targeting businesses seeking to optimise their computing for performance and reliability using Network Attached Storage (NAS) systems. With enterprise reliability and NAS optimised performance in up to 16-bays, the Enterprise … [Read more...]

Security Challenges Of Running Mining Operations In Developing Nations


By Julian Talbot. Developing nations offer their own special challenges to the security professional, including: issuing weapons to security teams who left school with perhaps four years of education assigning life and death tasks to people for whom English is a third or fourth language operating in a culture that may or may not share some of your most basic values dealing professionally, pragmatically and … [Read more...]

ACSP and SPRA set to merge

Security professionals Registry Australiasia

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Real Prevention Requires Real Help


By Ray Esposito. Loss Prevention is as much a philosophy as it is a department. To reach shrink goals, a company must enlist the help of every associate. Belief that one person or a single department is solely responsible for loss control is no more valid than the belief that a company mission statement can ensure great customer service. Real prevention requires the real help of every associate. Established policy and … [Read more...]

Integrity Measures: What Works, And What Doesn’t


By Mark Jarratt. Integrity is a term often cited as a quality indispensable for those with power to approve or deny benefits and access to valuable assets including cash, equipment and information. But how is integrity assessed, and what approaches maximise workforce integrity? This article briefly presents the vital elements of integrity assessment, commenting on measures which are effective and other approaches … [Read more...]

Understanding Aviation Security Regulations


By Steve Lawson. For some time I have wanted to write an article about the various regulatory regimes and contrast and compare them, yet it just never seemed the right time for me to do it. However, with the recent change to Australia’s threat environment, now may be a good time to look at the various types of regulatory regimes. I intend to make this a discussion about the different models, not a criticism of any … [Read more...]

Understanding What Encourages Skilled Workers To Join Your Organisation


By Barry Anderson. In a fiercely competitive worldwide employment market, where do Australian HR departments sit? We know which HR policies contribute to attracting and retaining the best and brightest in their respective markets, so we must acknowledge that some HR policies deliver more than others. This article summarises the latest piece of research completed in a program that has run for over 20 years across … [Read more...]

Ground Dynamics: Down But Never Out!


By Richard Kay. No other information has received as much attention as statistics that purportedly show that more than 90 per cent of physical altercations ‘go to the ground’. Many arrest situations involve little or no force, and minor resistance does not qualify as an ‘altercation’. Semi-compliant persons are often stopped by a mere order to comply or with firm control of an arm for handcuffing. Nonetheless, even … [Read more...]