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Latest issue of Security Solutions Magazine out now! Security Solutions Magazine is a leading security resource for business, government and the security industry. Through Security Solutions, readers enjoy access to information from leading experts on issues such as terrorism, operational security matters, technological developments, risk management and IT security as well as the latest news on security events. As a … [Read more...]

Ground Dynamics: Down But Never Out!


By Richard Kay. No other information has received as much attention as statistics that purportedly show that more than 90 per cent of physical altercations ‘go to the ground’. Many arrest situations involve little or no force, and minor resistance does not qualify as an ‘altercation’. Semi-compliant persons are often stopped by a mere order to comply or with firm control of an arm for handcuffing. Nonetheless, even … [Read more...]

Media Release: Seadan Security & Electronics appoints new National Marketing Manager – CCTV


Seadan announced today that David Pettigrew has joined the firm to further develop their growing portfolio of national CCTV accounts. Pettigrew comes with a wealth of business experience, skill and expertise in transmission products within the security industry. Pettigrew joins Seadan as National Marketing Manager – CCTV Division, to continue Seadan’s success in providing business services to many of the top companies … [Read more...]

The Importance Of Tolerance In the Face Of Terror


By Matthew Curtis. Against the backdrop of national security uncertainties arising from the arrests in the past weeks of extremists in Sydney, Melbourne and Queensland, the Security Profession would like to offer some thoughts to those in the community who might be wondering what it all means – what the threat actually is and how people or their organisations should be responding to it. Australia’s national security … [Read more...]

Qualities Of Leadership


By Bob Ansett. In what must have been the longest running election campaign in our history, we witnessed a true presidential style campaign that would do justice to American elections. Although we have a Westminster Parliamentary form of government, our federal election campaigns have nevertheless morphed into the American Presidential style of campaigning with the outcome determined pretty much by the image, … [Read more...]

Turning Purpose Into Profits


By Omer Soker. Every company launches with the vision and creative spark of its founder – be it a security consultancy, patrol business, integrator or monitoring center. But what happens to this original purpose once the business starts employing new staff and managers? And how can the current workforce access the passion and enthusiasm that started it all? It is no longer enough for business owners to simply charge … [Read more...]

Revolutionary new facial recognition technology takes the hassle out of getting a police check in an Australian first!

When it comes to police checks, National Crime Check have changed the game with this month’s release of an Australian first technology to improve and streamline the process making it easier than ever before. The innovative facial recognition technology National Crime Check have implemented on their online portal is a first in the industry. Nationalcrimecheck.com.au’s facial recognition technology enables users to … [Read more...]

Turn On Your Mobile Phone, Sir


By Clive Williams. The new airline passenger screening requirements coming out of the US seem to be an over-reaction to intelligence that al-Qaeda and like-minded groups are focussed on perfecting an explosive device that could be hidden in shoes, electronics or cosmetics. The information is, at least in part, credible, but the way in which screeners have been expected to respond is lacking in common sense and simply … [Read more...]

Professionalism Under Fire

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 3.07.37 pm

  A recent incident caught on a mobile phone camera showed a foul mouthed bully on a train in Queensland using racial taunts and slurs in an attempt to provoke a security officer to violence. Despite the incredibly insulting and confronting nature of the bully’s taunts, the security officer in question demonstrated the utmost professionalism and restraint, remaining calm and even protecting his protagonist from … [Read more...]

Compliance Techniques: Hands-on Resistance Control


By Richard Kay. The most important elements of an officer’s operational safety toolkit are strong command presence, a positive mindset, excellent communication skills and well-developed operational awareness. The combination of these four attributes means an officer can resolve most situations safely and with minimal force. However, to be truly effective and confident in the operational environment, officers must have … [Read more...]



The Directors would like to advise that Mr Rick Stokes has retired from his role of MD and CEO of Q Technology Group Limited. Over the past 18 months Rick Stokes has undertaken a part time leadership role of 2.5 days per week and also developed the management team to position the business for further growth. Mr. Stokes has served as CEO and MD since December 2007 and the Directors wish to thank Rick for his leadership … [Read more...]

Westfield selects Canon after mini dome ‘shootout’


In another major win for Canon Specialised Imaging (CSI) Network Cameras, the VB-S800D has been selected as the only 'mini dome' for select surveillance area upgrades in Westfield centres nationally. This win is a result of Scentre Group, the developer and manager of Westfield shopping centres, holding an evaluation ‘shootout’ in Westfield Bondi, with several suppliers competing to win the title of Westfield’s … [Read more...]

Issue #91 Cover Story: How Cloud Services Are Impacting Physical Security


By Brian Tuskan. Who would have believed, even a short time ago, that cloud technology would change everything for Physical Security. The enhanced services that security can now deliver to improve safety and save lives, is akin to seeing just beyond the headlights; and steering away from danger, just ahead of time. Before I jump into the cloud discussion, I will provide a little context around my experience with … [Read more...]

Social Meda & Extremism


A one day forum discussing Social Media and Extremism in the Australian context. 25th November 2014 University House, ANU The Australian Security Research Centre invites professionals involved in communications, media, public relations, community development, legal and related industries to participate in a one day forum. Over the course of the day speakers will discuss: The balance between security and … [Read more...]