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Latest issue of Security Solutions Magazine out now! Security Solutions Magazine is a leading security resource for business, government and the security industry. Through Security Solutions, readers enjoy access to information from leading experts on issues such as terrorism, operational security matters, technological developments, risk management and IT security as well as the latest news on security events. As a … [Read more...]

Cybersecurity Takes Centre Stage As A Crisis Risk


By Dr Tony Jaques. 2014 was a landmark year for cybersecurity, one which saw a real change in reputational risk for corporations and other organisations. It also reinforced once and for all that hackers and data breaches are never ‘just an IT problem’. The year began with US retailer Target admitting that hackers stole personal financial details of up to 70 million people in a pre-Christmas raid, and the World … [Read more...]

Changes To Aviation Screener Training – Are They Flawed?


By Steve Lawson. About two years ago, the author wrote a couple of articles about aviation screener training in Australia and then presented on the subject at the Australian Security Industry Association Ltd (ASIAL) Security 2013 Exhibition & Conference. In the first of those articles, he said, “A change to screener training to some extent... presupposes that there is something wrong with the current screening … [Read more...]



By Ray Hodge. Security companies, sole traders and those blessed with the entrepreneurial gift spend inordinate amounts of time and energy focussing on increasing sales and profits, and rightly so. Always on the hunt for new opportunities, they create front-end strategies, strategic partnerships and referral mechanisms to build the ever-evolving sales pipeline. Included in this front-end activity is often expensive, … [Read more...]

Workplace Inductions: Minimising Human Risks


By Dr Tony Zalewski. Relevant and timely induction processes for new staff are an essential component within any system of work. It is vital part of minimising operational risk whilst also ensuring new staff are productive in meeting business objectives as soon as possible. Security leaders have long identified this important area within engagement of new staff, but not always in a consistent way. Having … [Read more...]

Multi-Site Security Reviews: Getting Both Consistency And Accuracy


By Rick Draper. The practice of undertaking security reviews is generally well understood. However, delivering reliable, consistent, accurate and useful assessments across multiple sites can be difficult, particularly if there are teams of reviewers involved. It is important to draw the distinction between security risk assessments and security reviews. Essentially, a security review may serve to inform a risk … [Read more...]

The Impact Of Interdependence On Providing Protection For Critical Infrastructures


Jon Novakovic. Much attention and many resources are given over to providing for the protection of critical infrastructure. To date, most efforts have been towards identifying critical infrastructures and building resilience into the organizations that run them. In Australia at least, not enough thought has been given to the interdependence of infrastructures. The ways in which infrastructures interact with and depend … [Read more...]

4k And Beyond!


By Vlado Damjanovski. The electronics industry provides one of the most efficient and productive technologies of modern times. In the late 1940s and after the invention of transistors following WWII, the electronics industry has continued to evolve and develop, from the humble transistor to the latest super microprocessors. The industry has helped convert cameras from the old film type, through tube pick-up devices … [Read more...]

Multiple Attackers:


Outnumbered Does Not Mean Outmatched! By Richard Kay. It is sad but true that a fair fight is a rare thing these days. If officers are faced with a situation in which they need to defend themself or others from violence, the chances of it being a straight conflict between two people are low. Apart from domestic violence, most fights involve more than two people. What they say about bullies also holds true for … [Read more...]

ISIS And The Rise Of Homegrown Terrorism In The West


By Anne Speckhard. On 22nd October 2014, Canadian Michael Zehaf-Bibeau opened fire at the Canadian National War Memorial killing Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a Canadian soldier on ceremonial sentry duty. From there, Zehaf-Bibeau went on to the Parliament building in Ottawa where he attempted to kill as many parliamentarians as possible. A shootout ensued in which Zehaf-Bibeau was killed. Zehaf-Bibeau, inspired to his … [Read more...]

Lessons from Martin Place


By Rod Cowan. While the inquest and other reviews are underway into the tragic events in Sydney in December 2014, Rod Cowan says security should start now to examine its role in a crisis. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) makes a distinction between a crisis and a hostage situation. Only four percent of cases could be classified as a hostage negotiation, which is where the plan is to trade people for money … [Read more...]

Xtralis VESDA-E VEA and HeiTel 4G Body Worn Video Solutions win Security Industry Association 2015 New Product Showcase Awards


The innovative solutions bring Xtralis pro-active threat prevention to the masses through early & reliable detection, remote visual verification, and immediate and effective response Dublin, Ireland — 17 April 2015 — Two Xtralis solutions today received prestigious awards at ISC West, largest security industry trade show in the USA. VESDA-E VEA aspirating smoke detector (ASD) won the Security Industry Association … [Read more...]

Secure your entry to the 30th annual Security Exhibition & Conference


Registrations are now open to attend the 2015 Security Exhibition & Conference, Australasia’s premier security industry event, which is returning to the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre from July 15 to July 17. Celebrating its 30th anniversary – a testament to the event’s unmatched success – the 2015 event is expected to be the biggest yet, connecting more than 4,500 attendees with 140 leading suppliers in the … [Read more...]

The Crisis Economy


By Nicole Matejic. Nothing sells news like a scandal, but while security companies are busy protecting their clients’ people and assets, who is looking out for them? ‘News that sells’ is the mantra of modern-day media. From print newspapers to talkback radio, social media and online news, the telling of stories is now more than ever embedded in a click-bait profit cycle that is at its best informative and … [Read more...]

Placing Extremist Narratives Within The Context Of The Information Environment


By Nick Burma. This article examines the nature of extremist narratives in the context of the information environment. The focus of the discussion is intentionally directed towards Islamic extremism. This is not to suggest that members of the Muslim community are particularly pre-disposed towards extremism and terrorism. However, the presence of radicalisation and extremism, as well as terrorist violence, in Muslim … [Read more...]

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