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Latest issue of Security Solutions out now! Security Solutions is a leading security resource for business, government and the security industry. Through Security Solutions, readers enjoy access to information from leading experts on issues such as terrorism, operational security matters, technological developments, risk management and IT security as well as the latest news on security events. As a busy security … [Read more...]

Five Reasons Why Classification Is The First Step To Successful Data-Loss Prevention

When looking at best practices for successful data protection, the first or second step is almost always discovery and identification. Data-loss prevention (DLP) tools can give you some sense of what you have and can monitor the flow of information, but they cannot provide identity to the degree of certainty that is required for proper data governance. In contrast, data classification provides the permanent and explicit … [Read more...]

EZI Security Systems adds High Security Portals to its range

PathMinder has appointed EZI Security Systems as its exclusive partner reselling its range of high security portals to the government sector in Australia. PathMinder Pty Ltd are the master distributor in Australia and New Zealand for Europe’s most advanced range of high security portals manufactured by AllUser Industries. AllUser security portals are made up of 2 interlocking doors and a sophisticated ultra-sonic … [Read more...]

The Old Security Paradigm

In todays’ fast paced, globally connected world, openness and technological innovation have become the expected norm in every aspect of both our personal and business life. This, combined with increasing global and local security threats, has created unique challenges in organizations trying to improve security while at the same time trying to minimize the impact and inconvenience which usually occurs as a side effect of … [Read more...]

How To Properly Validate Good Performance And Correct Poor Performance

You have heard of leverage, right? Well, when you properly validate or correct the performance of your employees, you will increase your production leverage enormously. In other words, a small amount of correctly applied validation or correction can produce amazingly large results. And your operation will be far more productive when you get this right. Correcting Poor Performance Some people have more horsepower … [Read more...]

Survey: Cyber Security Skills Gap Leaves 1 in 4 Organisations Exposed for Six Months or Longer

ISACA to address the growing skills gap as demand for qualified cyber security professionals continues to outstrip supply Sophisticated cyber security defenses are increasingly in high demand as a cyber security attack is now viewed as an inevitability. However, a majority of surveyed organisational leaders fear they are ill-equipped to address these threats head-on. According to a new cyber security workforce study … [Read more...]

Smart Home Systems Penetration to Reach 7% Globally by 2025, Says IHS Markit

The research firm suggests service providers will have to offer flexible billing models in order to preserve growth in the smart home market. The global household penetration of smart home systems will reach 3% by 2018 and 7% by 2025, according to a research note by IHS Markit. In 2023, professionally monitored smart homes will exceed non-connected, traditionally monitored security systems, according to the research … [Read more...]

The Qualities of a Great HR Manager

Whether or not your business has a dedicated HR Manager, there are three activities that are of vital importance and will determine success in this role. These are hiring the right people, managing staff performance and appraisals and ensuring that terminations are handled properly. These are the key activities where the quality of the HR Manager must shine. Hiring The Right People The main difficulty with hiring … [Read more...]

Analysing The Total Cost Of Ownership Of Video Surveillance Systems

Imagine you are responsible for a safe city project, and you are tasked with deploying a multimillion-dollar video surveillance system. Where would you start? How would you evaluate tenders? How would you assess upfront costs in relation to the long-term operating costs? And which areas of the system should you focus on to optimise its total lifecycle cost? These are just some of the questions you need to ask to minimise … [Read more...]

dormakaba Orthos Personal Interlocks

When a high level of security is essential, dormakaba Orthos Security Interlocks provide the ideal solution. Orthos electronically monitored security interlocks meet the most versatile security requirements and offer optimum protection for sensitive areas of a building. The required safety levels are provided individually: from the authorisation of staff access by a card reader or keypad to verification of identity … [Read more...]

Total Facilities, 29–30 March 2017, International Convention Centre Sydney

Total Facilities presents two-days of discussion and discovery for FM and like-minded professionals. It combines Australia’s largest offering of innovative facility products and services with forward-thinking strategies to optimise facility and workplace performance. A thriving exhibition floor featuring over 150 leading brands will showcase real solutions to meet operational challenges, whilst free-to-attend educational … [Read more...]

Is the Video Doorbell Paving the Way for Greater Adoption of Video Verification in Home Alarm Systems?

By Anna Sliwon, analyst, residential security, IHS Markit As the popularity of video doorbells increases, owners are likely to become more comfortable with video cameras in their homes. For many homeowners, a video doorbell is their first experience with an IP camera. Installing it, setting up the app and then later using it to view something remotely all help to build consumers’ familiarity with network video cameras. … [Read more...]

Security Exhibition & Conference, 26-28 July 2017, International Convention Centre Sydney

  In 2017 the Security Exhibition & Conference is heading back to Sydney to the brand new International Convention Centre. This state of the art precinct over looks beautiful Darling Harbour and is a short walk away from Sydney’s vibrant city centre. The new venue features a total of 35,000sqm of exhibition space presented in a smart, stacked layout to capitalise on the inner-city location and provide … [Read more...]

Employee Dismissal

Termination of Employment is a Risky Business that can be Very Expensive The decision to dismiss an employee may be easy, however defending an unfair dismissal claim can be both difficult and expensive. The following article identifies some of the pitfalls and provides advice on how best to mitigate the problems. Even if there is a valid reason for dismissing an employee, employers will find themselves in trouble if … [Read more...]

ASRC Masterclass- Bomb Safety and Security

Join security experts from Westpac, Sydney Airport Corporation Ltd, and Riskworks among others, to examine the principles underpinning a safe and sensible response to bombs, threats, unattended items and post-blast scenarios. Presented by security and bomb management expert, Don Williams (MIExpE, IABTI, CPP, RSecP) the emphasis in this class will be on how to provide a safe and secure environment while minimizing … [Read more...]

Will Rhetoric Trump Security?

On 8th November 2016, global politics went into a tailspin. A world still struggling to come to terms with the shock of Brexit was confronted by the Donald Trump bandwagon rolling into Washington, D.C. on the back of a mainly white, some would say racist, backlash against the political, intellectual and economic establishment. Such was the shock of Trump’s victory against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton that it is … [Read more...]

The Culture Of Resilience

This article focuses on the relationship between human and organisational resilience from a leadership perspective in the creation of a culture of resilience. All leaders are likely to face situations where members of a group, community or organisation experience challenges and uncertainty. However, few leaders are likely to encounter the life and death leadership situations experienced by Ernest Shackleton and his … [Read more...]