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Latest issue of Security Solutions Magazine out now! Security Solutions Magazine is a leading security resource for business, government and the security industry. Through Security Solutions, readers enjoy access to information from leading experts on issues such as terrorism, operational security matters, technological developments, risk management and IT security as well as the latest news on security events. As a … [Read more...]

Hills and Tyco join forces in new deal


Hills has signed an agreement with Tyco Security Products (TSP) to distribute a range of access control, video and selected intrusion products in Australia and New Zealand. Ted Pretty, Hills Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, said the deal extends the relationship that has been built over a number of years with Tyco. “We have successfully built a great relationship with Tyco in New Zealand and this … [Read more...]

Security For Non-Technical IT Managers In 2015


By Daniel Aldam. In today’s corporate climate, it is commonplace for an IT manager not to have high levels of professional IT experience. While the manager may be great at management, it makes it difficult to provide technical direction for staff, not to mention bridging the communication gap between the purely technical, and normal people. In this article we will investigate what it is to be secure in IT, and what steps … [Read more...]

Firebombing – A Hot Issue For Security Managers


According to a report titled Counting the costs of Crime in Australia: A 2011 Estimate by the Australian Institute of Criminology, there were an estimated 44,925 incidents of arson in Australia between 2011 and 2012, resulting in property loss calculated at approximately $971 million. This figure does not include the cost of dealing with arson, which according to the same report, was estimated at around $856 million for … [Read more...]

Terrorism: Considering The Threat To Australia


By Cindy Christopher. Terrorism remains a very real threat to Australia. Some may have thought that, prior to the rise of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), terrorism no longer presented a threat to our country, whilst others believed it was still an important issue. This article will analyse the terrorist threat to Australia in relation to three main areas of threat. Home-grown terrorism has increased since the … [Read more...]

New 2K module camera MDF5200HD-DN Nightline


Dallmeier has added another model to its 5200 Nightline series, the MDF5200HD-DN. This is a compact module camera which is ideally suited for installations in automated teller machines, gambling tables and display panels. The 5200 Nightline series has been developed with special attention to changing light conditions for 24-hour video surveillance. One particularly special feature is its outstanding low-light … [Read more...]

Migrating To A Modern Access Control Solution


By Steve Katanas. The security landscape continues to evolve in new and complex ways, an evolution that brings change on many levels. Rather than seeing this change as an interruption or distraction, a proactive approach and a solid plan can turn it into an opportunity for significant improvement. While migrating from old to new systems is always a big undertaking, new technology in today’s physical access industry … [Read more...]

Hills launch new security product bundle


Hills are making security easier by bringing together two industry leaders with Panasonic and Genetec to deliver a world leading simple surveillance bundle. Hills are offering Genetec and Panasonic 8, 16 and 24 channel kits to remove the complexity from your security solutions. The kits include the Panasonic WV-SW155, a Super Dynamic HD Vandal Resistant Dome Camera and the Genetec SV-32 Network Security Appliance, a … [Read more...]

Major Performance Boost for Cognitec’s Face Recognition Algorithm and Products


Cognitec has released the superior face recognition algorithm B9 and incorporated it in the market-leading face recognition product, FaceVACS-DBScan. Research and development for the B9 matching algorithm focused on significant performance improvement for images with low resolution or taken in less controlled environments, often found in police databases. The matching accuracy also increased for images with non-frontal … [Read more...]

Canon Makes Offer To Purchase Axis


Canon today announced that it has made an offer to the shareholders in the Swedish company Axis AB to tender all their shares in Axis to Canon. While completion of the Offer is subject to a number of conditions, it should be noted that the Offer is friendly in nature and the Board of Directors of Axis has decided to recommend Axis's shareholders to accept the offer totaling approximately $3.6 Billion AUD. The three … [Read more...]

Criminal versus Control


By Ray Esposito. Employee Theft in Retail In a market where brand recognition, market share, and high competition have most businesses working overtime to reduce cost, there is little room for the losses caused by internal theft. Industry reports suggest that as much as 43 per cent of all losses are caused by dishonest employees, totaling $16 billion annually in revenue loss.   Obviously with so much at … [Read more...]

20 Things To Consider When Writing A Security Guard Proposal


By Courtney Sparkman. When you are asked to submit a proposal for providing security guard service it can be both an exciting and anxious time. Your proposal can get you excluded from consideration, invited for a formal presentation, or even win you a contract. Any time that you submit a security guard proposal you can typically expect stiff competition. Fortunately, a well-written proposal can help set you apart from … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tips For Building The Most Ineffective Security Risk Management Systems In The World


By Julian Talbot. After more than 25 years working in security risk management on four continents, I believe I can safely say that I know every trick in the book – except the one they are using right now! Years of working in interesting parts of the world, such as Asia, Africa and parts of Australia that most people never see, has given me some insights into the minds of the people who seek to breach our security … [Read more...]

Online Tools To Help You Be A More Effective Security Manager


By Kevin Dam. More and more, security managers and departments are being asked to do more with less. To that end, astute security managers and security company owners are always ready and waiting to take advantage of any tools or technology that will boost their performance or productivity. Globalisation, outsourcing and automation are three popular resources SMEs have engaged to help cut costs in recent times but … [Read more...]