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Latest issue of Security Solutions Magazine out now! Security Solutions Magazine is a leading security resource for business, government and the security industry. Through Security Solutions, readers enjoy access to information from leading experts on issues such as terrorism, operational security matters, technological developments, risk management and IT security as well as the latest news on security events. As a … [Read more...]

Through The Looking Glass: Future-Proofing Your Security Investment


By Michael Brookes. The time has come to upgrade that outdated security system you have been operating for what seems like an eternity. You have done your homework and built your business case, and you have finally been granted approval to proceed. As your mind fast-forwards with visions of an intuitive security-centric design, multi-camera views, synchronised and instant playback, and motion searching for improved … [Read more...]

Industry News: Hills business Lan 1 named Milestone Distributor of the Year


Hills has been named Milestone’s Best Value Added Distributor of the Year at the Milestone Partner Open Platform conference held on the Gold Coast. Milestone recognised Hills for its high quality service, strong technical focus and effective partnerships across Australia. Daniel Lee, Hills Head of CCTV, Surveillance and IT Distribution Practice said the company was delighted to receive this award from a global … [Read more...]

CCTV Data Storage Headache


By Lamie Saif. The amount of data generated by the new models of CCTV­ cameras is huge and so its storage requires some planning. So, how can this best be done? Before we choose the best hardware and software for optimum CCTV data storage, we need to take into account the following parameters:­ Camera resolution. Number of frames per second. Level of compression. Number of cameras. Storage period. Level … [Read more...]

Turn On Your Mobile Phone, Sir


By Clive Williams The new airline passenger screening requirements coming out of the US seem to be an over-reaction to intelligence that al-Qaeda and like-minded groups are focussed on perfecting an explosive device that could be hidden in shoes, electronics or cosmetics. The information is, at least in part, credible, but the way in which screeners have been expected to respond is lacking in common sense and simply … [Read more...]

Sony announces new day-to-night, dual light system SNC-VB632D video security camera

Pressemelding Sony Professional  - Detektor International Award

Sony has today announced the latest edition to its outdoor camera range with the launch of the SNC-VB632D Full HD infrared bullet camera. The SNC-VB632D employs the newly adopted Dual Light system with infrared (IR) illuminator and white LED, working as an effective deterrent and allowing for clear visibility under dark conditions in either black and white or colour. The SNC-VB632D supports high-performance illumination … [Read more...]

HID Global Brings Intelligence to the Door with Its New EDGE EVO Solo Solution for Stand-Alone Networked Access Control in the SMB Market


News Highlights: HID Global introduces EDGE EVO Solo that brings intelligence and decision-making to the door for advanced and highly customizable access control. Solution uses a standard web browser and does not require software to be installed on PCs. Ideal for small- and medium-sized businesses managing a single door for ten to hundreds of cardholders. HID Global®, a worldwide leader in secure identity … [Read more...]

The Security Industry, Recruitment And Unemployed Men

Stress Article

By Anthony Smith One of the greatest challenges for many security companies is finding quality personnel. In fact, over the last few years, this has become one of the largest and most frequent complaints from the operations managers across many of the nation’s largest guarding services organisations. Despite this, there are currently large groups of mature-aged men who have been made redundant throughout Australia who … [Read more...]

Moving Cheese: Key Considerations For Change Management

Article3 SSM #91

By Lisa Burrell. “There is nothing more difficult to take in hand, more perilous to conduct, or more uncertain in its success, than to take the lead in the introduction of a new order of things.” — Niccolo Machiavelli   The above quote, from 1532, calls to mind the old adage, “the more things change, the more they stay the same”. Whether you own and run a security company, manage a security department, or … [Read more...]

Video Review: Cognitec FaceVacs

Premier Face Recognition Technology Supports Advanced Video Screening And Analytics Applications Face recognition technology is rapidly gaining wide acceptance as one of the most effective methods available for preventing ID fraud while providing support to criminal investigations by way of evidence. While originally developed as a form of biometric security for access control, the ways in which face recognition is … [Read more...]

Explosives 2014 – 1-2 October, 2014


“Explosives 2014” is for everyone with an interest in the legal or illegal use of explosives.  The Australian Security Research Centre is pleased to confirm the forum will be opened by Senator Fawcett Chair of the Defence Sub-Committee of the Joint Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs, Defence and Trade introduced by the Rector of the University of New South Wales at ADFA. Current topics include: humanitarian … [Read more...]

Verbal De-Escalation Techniques That Actually Work


By Scott Taylor CPP. Conflict is inevitable, and can occur in many forms. In essence, conflict occurs any time there is a trial of strength between two opposing parties and principles. This can be quite common in the security environment and unfortunately, a lot of today’s industry participants do not have a healthy attitude toward conflict and as such, are lacking some of the tools necessary for de-escalating conflict … [Read more...]

Why Should Supply Chains Like Facebook?


By Dr John Hopkins. If somebody mentions the word “Facebook” to you it is highly unlikely that the first expression that comes to mind is “powerful supply chain tool”– but amongst the plethora of pictures of friends’ babies, cat videos and Candy Crush updates, there may well lie a powerful platform that can help you to better understand your customers and increase the awareness of your brand. If used properly of … [Read more...]

The Future of Police Technology


By Clive Williams. I recently attended the second annual Police Technology Forum in Canberra organised by Informa Australia. The somewhat convoluted theme of the conference was “Evolving technology capability for a new age of policing in the face of advanced criminal intelligence,” but the conference proved to be rather more interesting than the theme suggested. Jeff Kukowski, the Chief Operating officer of Taser … [Read more...]